Carol Saint Georges

The artist: 

This french artist born in 1965 has always loved playing with volumes. After a diploma in business school, torn by creation, she continued her studies at ESMOD Paris and created custom wedding dresses for 15 years. An expatriation in Asia gave her the opportunity to manage her own brand of Women clothes. She turned to scultpure 12 years later, working especialy on religious models of personnal inspiration and live models. First in the studios of Antonia Nicolas and Céline Senlis and then in her own. In 2020, her arrival in the UK allows her to open up to animal sculpture and to discover different techniques or supports with Beatrice Hoffman and Pam Folley. 

She spends her time between the United Kingdom and France. Some of her works are commisionned or unique pieces, others exist in composite and are patinated or replicated in bronze prints, according to tastes and budgets.

Since she's back to Paris (february 23) she started to exhibit her work:

May 23: Talents. Théâtre des Sablons.Neuilly 92

November 23: Professionnal Artists of Neuilly exhibition. Théâtre des Sablons.

December 23: Automn exhibition of Galerie Thuillier in le Marais , Paris close to Picasso Museum. Winner of the Price for Sculpture

January 24: Salon D'Automne of Paris in la GRANDE HALLE DE LA VILLETTE

February 24: ART CAPITAL . Salon des Artistes Français. GRAND PALAIS EPHEMERE. Paris

Private orders or sanctuaries orders help her to work on the  emotion she wants to convey, concentrating on the essential.

I have a special predilection for religious art, which helps me to go deep in myself to look for a truth that I would like to transcribe through sculpture. I try to pray while creating, to keep an inner dialogue. I would like to reach hearts through an emotion that springs out more than a relative artistic quality. To express interiority, tenderness, softness, contemplation, but also suffering in some stations of the Cross, the joy of offering, humility, mercy. I have only scratched the surface and I have yet to stop getting filled with deep wonder, being bewildered and let it model me!"