Carol Saint Georges
Live models, religious art, animal art

Live models

Looking at the human body's beauty is a path of wonder. Studying live models is to observe, capture shadows and lights, solids and voids, balances and harmonies.

Gallery of live models

All models are in clay, fired in the kiln, and most of the time  finished with a bronze patina. Some models are unique, others are duplicated in a composit material and coated with a bronze-like patina.

Allegria, joy of creating from the heart: religious models

Make visible part of the Invisible. Reaching hearts, talking to the soul by inviting us to go deeper and higher at the same time. Making room for a reality and a truth which is larger than us. Seeking in prayer the Essential to be given through my simple hands.

Joy of sculpting animal beauty.

From the nobility of the deer  to the charming squirrel and going through the lion's wisdom... It tells us about the beauty of the Creation


The deer is in original size in clay and the smaller size (30cm) in bronze. Others are in clay with patina. Private commissions are possible.