Models available

Some models are unique, some are already printed in composite with patina, some are ready for prints in composite or bronze, depending on tastes and buget

Sleeping beauty

35 cm long. Original is in clay with brown patina. 800e. Composite prints with Vert de gris patina: 700e 


Original in clay and composite, fixed on a slate plate. 35x25cm. The 2 pieces  650e. One Composite print 350e


S. he is very peacefull and the sensuality of her body and attitude is enhanced by the delicate blond patina. 800e


The lines are peacefull but still, she is looking forward, looking for somebody or something far away ... Unique piece in clay with bronze patina. 700e


Original in clay. 35x25cm.600e


Sensuality and nonchalance, proud distance in the face attitude. Macaroon hairstyle brings a youthful freshness to this generous body. Original terracotta with light bronze patina. 600e.


Original clay with patina. 22x25cm.300e


She is turned to Heaven. The whole body praises for the gift she received, but also speaks of an absolute gift of herself. Composite with 3 different patinas: creme, lignt brown and terra cotta. Each patina is irregular and unique. 40 cm heihgt. 400e

Ste Genevia

Original big size is in Ste Genevia House in Nanterre (fr). She is leading Paris people with authority, raising her torch very high with faith and audacious temper. The legend says that while wlking through the dark ST Denis Forest, the Devil unlighted her torch and each time, her angel was puting the light back... She is carrying a basket full of breads she brought to the parisians helping them to face the siege of the Huns. She is patron of Paris. Composite print red brown. 58cm. 800e

St Joseph

"Listening". The large size original takes place in the St Genevia Cathedral in Nanterre (Fr). There is interaction in the looks, love is given and received in a same time. We cannot say who is teaching the other one. St Jo has the staff of authority. His other hand is gently guiding his son. Jesus has his left hand on his heart, everything is coming from there. He embrace st Jo with his right hand in a very tender and confident attitude. SIze 30cm. composite with 3 colors of patina: vert de gris, brown, terra cotta. 300e

Lying deer

The 60cm original is private collection. This model is only available in bronze prints commissions. long 30cm 


Standind squirel or greedy squirel...Original models in clay with patina. 25cm. 350e each or 500e pair.


Original, clay. 40cm.SOLD